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Timeline: March 2004

Mar 1 At the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases in Atlanta, Dr. David Heymann said China is more open to reporting any disease outbreaks.
Mar 8 Dr. K. Y. Yuen, from the University of Hong Kong, and colleagues discovered that when SARS-affected patients are treated with a combination of AIDS drug Kaletra and the anti-viral drug ribavirin, the rate of acute respiratory failure decreases.
Mar 9 Hong Kong is planning to drop prevention measures because the cost required could be used elsewhere. Hong Kong plans to stop random checking of travelers from China.
Mar 12 Scientists from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the NIH Clinical Center collaborated with Dr. Subbarao's team and discovered that mice infected with the SARS virus produce antibodies that immune themselves from re-infection.
SARS can cause mild disease as seen in hospital workers.
Mar 19 China drops SARS alert against the southern province of Guangdong after the last patient left the hospital two months ago.
Mar 31 A vaccine has effectively been tested to reduce the SARS virus level in mice. In the future, Dr. Nabel of Vical Inc. will manufacture a vaccine for human experiments.

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