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Basic Guide: Recommendations

There are several procedures or guidelines that are recommended to individuals who might possibly be affected by SARS.

These recommendations issued by the CDC will help slow the spread of SARS and prevent further infections.

However, the individual affected must be aware of new warnings, especially the following recommendations for travelers and possible SARS patients.

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Recommendations for travelers

There are two specific warnings issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): the travel alert and travel advisory. When a travel alert is issued, travelers with health concerns are recommended not to travel and follow certain precautions while a travel advisory urges one to postpone any travel plans.

However, if it is essential for one to travel, the CDC advised travelers, especially in SARS affected areas, to wash their hands frequently to avoid the spread of the infectious disease. Yet, the CDC does not recommend wearing facemasks in public unless you are a SARS victim.

Image 1.3.1 Passengers wait outside Beijing's Western Railway Station. While China's sheer size can sometimes prevent diseases like SARS from spreading too far, they can still hitch a ride on the rails crisscrossing the country (used with permission of Lou Linwei, freelance photographer for TIME Magazine).

Possible SARS patients

Possible patients must consult a health-care provider as soon as possible before it's too late. They must inform their health-care provider where they have traveled to recently and who they have come in contact with so the health worker can provide them with a more accurate analysis.

Also, basic precautions mentioned above must be followed for 10 days after symptoms of SARS have subsided. In the meantime, the patient must also be isolated from the outside environment (work places, schools, public areas) and avoid interactions with others as much as possible to avoid the spreading of SARS.


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