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Below you find a list of interesting SARS facts which are randomly displayed on every page of this website.

  • Did you know that in many Asian airports passengers are being screened for SARS symptoms before boarding?

  • Did you know that Singapore and Hong Kong use thermal imaging technology to ensure that people with SARS symptoms do not board an aircraft?

  • Did you know that many airlines have replaced hot towel service with alcohol-based refreshing tissues to protect passengers against SARS?

  • Did you know that the air in an aircraft completely changes every 3-5 minutes to filter particles in the air to prevent SARS?

  • Did you know that simple good hygiene is your best defense against germs and viruses - even SARS?

  • Did you know that taxis in Singapore are disinfected after each shift and drivers are being asked to ventilate their interiors after each passenger to prevent SARS?

  • Did you know that Lufthansa loosed 55 million euro ($63 million) per week due to SARS and the weak economic situation?

  • Did you know that researches have found that ferrets and cats can be infected with the virus that causes SARS?

  • Did you know that there was a special TV channel in Singapore dedicated entirely to SARS and which operated 12 hours a day?

  • Did you know that the SARS virus can suddenly change?

  • Did you know that a British scientist discovered that SARS might be from outer space?

  • Did you know that Chinese scientists discovered that SARS can live up to 15 days outside the human body?

  • Did you know that physicists, psychologists and mathematicians are working on creating mathematical models on how SARS spread?

  • Did you know that WHO (World Health Organization) has the right to intervene even when countries refuse to admit they are facing a health crisis?

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