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Timeline: December 2003

Dec 17 Tawainese scientist reported positive for SARS following his 10 day trip to Singapore for a medical seminar. He was most likely exposed to the virus on December 5 when cleaning up contaminated liquid in his lab at the state-funded Institute of Preventive Medicine in Taipei, Su Ih-jen.
Dec 27 A suspected man with SARS symptoms have been isolated in Guangzhou, China. This is the first SARS case in China since August.
Dec 29 The official China Daily newspaper reported that 42 people were quarantined after they contacted the suspected SARS patient, yet none have shown signs of SARS symptoms. In Singapore, 70 people were quarantined to their homes after they contacted the Taiwanese SARS patient, yet none have shown signs of SARS.
Dec 30 Taiwanese researcher who contracted SARS from a laboratory has been released from the hospital.
Dec 31 China's Ministry of Health sent samples of the 32 year old television producer from Guangdong to a WHO network lab after previous tests were found to be inconclusive.

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