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Timeline: March 2003

Mar 3 First Singapore SARS case.
A patient from Hong Kong arrives in Singapore with atypical pneumonia.
Mar 5 Sui-chu Kwan, a 78-year-old woman who had traveled to Hong Kong in February, dies of SARS in Toronto.
Mar 11
Hong Kong: Patients admitted to isolation wards.

All patients with suspected SARS after exposure to an index patient or ward were admitted to the isolation wards of the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong.

A total of 156 patients were hospitalized with SARS, of whom 138 were identified as having either secondary or tertiary cases as a result of exposure to our index patient.
Mar 11 WHO issues global SARS alert after cases were reported in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Canada.
Mar 13 Kwan's son Chi Kwai Tse, 44, dies of SARS at Scarborough Grace Hospital in Toronto.
Mar 15 WHO issues emergency travel advisory.
WHO issues an emergency travel advisory, putting airlines on alert for cases of suspected atypical pneumonia among passengers. The advisory increases global awareness of SARS after cases in Singapore and Canada were also identified.
Mar 17 Health Canada announces 11 suspected cases of SARS in Canada.
There are nine in Ontario, one in B.C. and one in Alberta.
Mar 18 German doctors: Paramyxovirus found in blood samples
Doctors in Germany say they have found signs of a paramyxovirus in blood samples from one SARS patient. Scientists in Hong Kong confirm the findings in samples of two other patients. Paramyxovirus is the family of viruses that includes the one causing measles. Scientists say the theory makes sense, since pneumonia can be a complication of measles.
Mar 19 Health Canada issues travel warnings.
Health Canada suggests people should postpone travel to high-risk parts of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Singapore. World death toll of SARS estimated at 11.
Mar 21 WHO sends team of experts to Guangdong.
A Canadian man dies from SARS.

The WHO says a five-member team of infectious disease experts will be traveling to Guangdong where the illness is believed to have originated.

A Canadian man who shared a hospital room with Tse dies from SARS. He was in his 70s. Canadian scientists say they've isolated the virus in SARS. They find human metapneumovirus in six of the eight Canadian cases. The virus comes from the same family that gives people mumps or measles.
Mar 24 CDC: Coronavirus that causes common cold may be responsible for SARS.
Singapore: 740 quarantined.
Singapore's health minister orders about 740 people who may have been exposed to SARS to quarantine to their houses for 10 days.
Mar 25 Ontario Health Minister Tony Clement declares declares SARS a reportable, communicable and virulent disease.
This gives health officials the authority to track infected people and issue orders to stop them from engaging in activities that transmit SARS.
Mar 26 Ontario declares a public health emergency.
Singapore announces closure of schools for more than 2 weeks.

Ontario declares a public health emergency and orders thousands of people to quarantine themselves in their homes. There are 27 probable cases of SARS in the province. Toronto hospitals begin barring visitors.

China dramatically ups the number of infections it has recorded, saying almost 800 people have infected with SARS and 31 from Guangdong and three in Beijing have died from the virus.
Mar 27 Hong Kong orders all schools closed and quarantines more than 1000 people.
The Rolling Stones postpone their weekend concerts in Hong Kong.
Medical researchers in the United States and Hong Kong say mounting evidence indicates that coronavirus is causing the new form of deadly pneumonia.
Mar 28 WHO: 85 new SARS cases identified around the world. Death toll rise by four, to 53.
Mar 29 Dr. Carlo Urbani, 46, the WHO doctor who first identified SARS, dies of the disease in Thailand.
Mar 30 Ontario: another SARS victim dies.
Ontario health officials tell a news conference that another person has died of SARS on March 28. The latest victim had a direct connection with the first person who died from the virus at Scarborough Grace Hospital, and was then transferred to York Central Hospital in Richmond Hill, near Toronto.
Mar 31 Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children treating 2 probable and 3 suspected SARS case in childen
Sick Kids, like other hospitals treating SARS patients, is limiting visits and has cancelled elective procedures and outpatient visits until April 14.

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