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Prevention: Vaccines

Vaccines have been tested on animals such as mice and rabbits and have provided promising results.

At the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, researchers found that after vaccine injections into six rhesus macaques (monkeys), all showed an immune response against the coronavirus - the cause of SARS.

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Vaccine test

"We genetically engineered a common cold virus and we inserted pieces of the SARS coronavirus"
- Gambotto

Gambotto and his team collaborated with scientists at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and altered the common cold virus in order to express SARS coronavirus antigens. Six monkeys were injected with the vaccine and received a booster after 28 days. Two other monkeys were then given a dummy vaccine and did not show any response. The scientists now plan to test the vaccine on ferrets, which may develop symptoms of SARS after being infected.

Chinese and Canadian scientists have also said they plan to begin tests of a SARS vaccine in humans next year. Global health officials have warned that SARS could reappear in the upcoming year. At the University of British Columbia, the research has received positive results upon mice and rabbits in that they can now produce antibodies that will neutralize the coronavirus - cause of SARS.


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