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Prevention: National

SARS surveillance activities in countries with or without SARS have taken immediate measures including the following: creation of an emergency operating center, designation of SARS hospitals, initiation of quarantine measures and rapid approval of pending legislation.

This is done in hopes to control the rapid spread of SARS. With no cure for this deadly disease, prevention is the only way.

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Measures in Singapore and Taiwan

In Singapore, the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, was designated as the 'SARS Hospital'. Schools and public events were cancelled. Those affected were enforced to stay home for 10 days while military forces track down the original source of the infection. Other measures were taken such as screening passengers at the airport and seaports, or disallowing any visitors for all public hospitals.

Meanwhile, in Taiwan, the Department of Health designated SARS hospitals throughout the island. The increasing numbers of patients forced the construction of 1,000 additional isolation rooms. Quarantine homes and campsites, which accommodated quarantined residents were enforced through web-based cameras.


At an early stage, SARS isn't always recognized; therefore, the best way is to quarantine those probable cases as soon as possible. In March of 2003, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada established quarantine and isolation measures. In Singapore, residents were quarantined in their homes and were forced to appear before web cameras often or else they had to wear electronic bracelets.

However, SARS might be transmitted in quarantined communities. See Virus for more information.

Reduce travel between districts

Hong Kong cancelled all travel between districts to reduce the transmission rate by 76%.

Quarantine after discharge

After discharge, patients in Singapore must stay home quarantine for 14 days where they are under telephone surveillance for 21 days.


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