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Below you find a list of SARS quotes which are randomly displayed on every page of this website.

  • "We must not lower our vigilance or slacken our efforts to fight SARS."
    - Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore deputy Prime Minister

  • "The virus is so promiscuous that it is not unlikely to suppose that it is still out there, in different species."
    - Professor Albert Osterhaus, Erasmus Medical Centre

  • "It is vital that in this 'pause' between the next possible wave of SARS that robust public health systems are put into place and tested."
    - Dr. James Appleyard, World Medical Association

  • "We must continue our anti-SARS work just as diligently as we have so far."
    - Niu Youcheng, Beijing's Health Department

  • "I suggest the epidemic could have been started by a rat going into an apartment visited by the patient and being infected by contaminated material, such as used tissue paper, leftover food, or excreta."
    - Stephen Ng, epidemiologist

  • "Just because a drug kills the virus in a test tube does not mean it will kill the virus in patients."
    - Professor Robert Read, HPA expert advisory group on SARS

  • "I used to believe everything the government told me. But now, after SARS, I will weigh everything the government says very carefully, and I'll judge how much of it is true."
    - Chinese SARS victim

  • "SARS was a 'wake-up call' for Europe to get better prepared and to substantially enforce cooperation at an EU-level."
    - David Byrne, European Health Commission

  • "Having overcome the SARS epidemic, Chinese society is more mature and open."
    - Wu Yi, Chinese Vice Premier

  • "Scientists are very competitive but when you have a major crisis we have to work together for the good of everyone."
    - Dr. Steven Jones, scientist

  • "Scientists are competitive by nature - all of them want to become Nobel prize winners, published in international journals - but all of that was set aside."
    - Dr. Klaus Stuhr, World Health Organization

  • "The health system really was not prepared for this."
    - Dr. Donald Low, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

  • "You only get one chance to eradicate something like this. Once it's established, you've got a real problem."
    - Dr. Adrian Mockett, vaccine specialist

  • "We really need to push forward and learn from this experience."
    - Tung Chee-Hwa, Hong Kong chief executive

  • "Unless you know what you're looking for, you've no tools to find it."
    - Mike Leahy, virologist

  • "We were dealing with something unknown... incredibly scary."
    - Julie Hall, World Health Organization

  • "Hong Kong had one of the hardest outbreaks to control."
    - David Heymann, World Health Organization

  • "To succeed in containing SARS in Singapore, everyone must cooperate and play his part."
    - Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong

  • "We must continue to maintain the highest vigilance. Let us fight SARS together, and protect ourselves."
    - Minister for home affairs Wong Kan Seng (Singapore)
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