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As you read, you can use the icons on the top right corner. Can't remember all these interesting facts? Write it down on our notepad. Have an article you like? We have specially designed a user-friendly print version of all our articles, which has been formatted to suit your printing. Bookmark our site for quick re-visits or share this site with your buddies. Just click the 'Tell a friend' icon, and you can e-mail them right away.


There are three main chapters. The first, Basic Guide, gives you a run-down on everything you should know from the origin of SARS to how it affected others. Yet, for a more in-depth and detailed information, check out Virus, which not only provides merely the definition of the virus, but it's structure and how it's transmitted to others. But that's not all, you can find out how people worldwide are protecting themselves and fighting against this deadly virus in Prevention.


"We are certain you would agree that reading is just not enough"

We are certain you would agree that reading is just not enough; so get your fingers moving and try out our quizzes and crossword puzzles. These are original quizzes and crossword puzzles created by the SARS team.

In each quiz or crossword puzzle, you will be able to find questions based on the section from which you have selected the quiz or crossword puzzle from. There will be a grader at the end of each to inform you how much you have assimilated.

Media Gallery

This site not only provides the facts, but also gives you an insight into the health workers and ones who lived through SARS. These interviews in MP3 will provide an inside perspective of someone who had to face SARS daily as well as our collections of pictures taken from those living in those SARS-affected areas.

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If you're searching for a specific element within this site, but you're unable to find it, you can perform a site-wide search. You can search for a specific topic, multimedia item, and much more by using this site's search feature. To use it, enter list of keywords in the text box at the top-left part of this screen.

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Searches are not case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. For example, searches for "sars coronavius", "SARS Coronavius", and "SaRs CoRoNaViRuS" will all return the same results.

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By default, search only returns pages that include all of your search terms. There is no need to include "AND" between terms, but if you wish to do so, it does not matter. To restrict a search further, just include more terms. For example, search for "SARS-CoV" will return multiple results. However, if you also want to see the 3D-structure, type "SARS-CoV structure".

"OR" searches

Search supports the logical "OR" operator. To retrieve pages that include either word A or word B, use an uppercase "OR" between terms. For example, to search for information on either "timeline" or "dr. carlo urbani", type in "timeline OR dr. carlo urbani".

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