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Prevention: Genereal Measures

Hospital workers remain on the front lines in the global response to SARS. They are at considerable risk of contracting SARS when there is an opportunity for unprotected exposure. In order to protect healthcare workers and to prevent disease dissemination, strict infection control measures and public education are essential.

There are strict measures for everyone, especially healthcare workers who are most at risk. In hospitals, all healthcare workers must take their temperature twice a day.

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Strict measures

Staffs are required to wear a N95 mask, gloves and gown when in contact with patients. To reduce the time spent with a patient, healthcare workers are divided into teams or groups so that if one group have been infected, there is still another team available to continue to work.

Hospital visiting is strict as visitors must follow certain measures. Visitors must pass a temperature check, wear a mask and are limited to only a single patient. As for the actual visits, they are done through video conference.

The main type of transmission in hospitals was by droplets. Therefore, the best protection for healthcare workers are N95 masks, not paper masks.


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